Virginia KuneKunes

Quality You Can Depend On.......

You may wonder what is so special about KuneKunes?  

What makes KuneKunes so special:

  • Kune Kunes pigs are a multi-purpose pig
  • Friendly, docile demeanor
  • Easy to handle for first time owners
  • Great for KuneKune Breeders & show prospects
  • Do not get aggressive
  • Do not tend to root like other breeds
  • Do not test fencing like other breeds
  • Have a short upturned snout for grazing
  • Can fatten on grazing alone
  • Extremely easy to train due to great intelligence

Betsy's babies are here!  Check the available page.

Virginia KuneKunes is owned and operated by Kathy Petersen located in Dinwiddie, VA.  Just one hour south of Richmond, VA. 


We offer the largest herd of KuneKunes in VA with the most diversity in our herd. 


We do ship nationwide all our KuneKune pigs for sale.  See the available page for all our adorable Kune Kune piglets for sale.

Pasty has babies on the available page.

KuneKunes are a true multi- purpose pig that is used for:

  • Breeding & show stock
  • Sustainable farming - high    end, organic pork
  • Companion animals
  • Petting Zoos
  • Agility competitors
  • Therapy animals
  • Cleaning up fruit orchards
  • Cleaning up gardens
  • Clearing out woods
  • Pets

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