Available KuneKunes

Virginia KuneKunes - available KuneKunes for sale

We offer high quality breeding stock, homestead  producers , and pets.   

We offer discounts on breeding pairs and multiple piglet purchases.  

Reasonable rates.  Contact us for more information.

We also offer grounds transportation and even meeting halfway.  My son does all my transports.

Don't forget to check out the Nursery page to reserve your baby!  Our piglets go pretty quickly so, please contact us if you want to place deposits on upcoming litters.

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Upcoming Litters we are accepting deposits on are:
Cassie x Orion  (Kereopa / Tonganui)
Berklee x Matthew (Rebecca Gina x Ru)
Elsa x Hamilton (Trish x Boris)
Willow x Deacon (Wilsons Gina x BH Tutaki)
Larissa x Sundance (Rebecca Gina x Mahia Love)


We reserve the right to retain any gilt or boars for our own program first and foremost. 

 This could happen before or after a deposit is received.  In that instance all funds would be returned to purchaser, rolled to a different piglet or different litter at the buyers choice.

However, if you deposit on a piglet/pig and are unable to get that piglet, you loose your deposit.  All funds/deposits are non refundable.