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Virginia KuneKunes - available KuneKunes for sale

We offer high quality breeding stock, homestead  producers , and pets.   

We offer discounts on breeding pairs and multiple piglet purchases.  

Reasonable rates.  Contact us for more information.

We also offer grounds transportation and even meeting halfway.  My son does all my transports.


Piglets just weaned and ready to go.  2 Proven sows available as well, scroll to bottom.


Boris / Sally boar

Out of Keswick x Hamilton (repeat breeding)

DOB:  09/15/2017

Brown/White, double wattled

COI 3.3 over 9 generations

This is such a sweet little fellow.  He is a very small little guy that is maturing very slowly.  I can pick him up in my arms and just carry him around.  He is a lap pig for sure.



BH Tutaki / Wilsons Gina

Out of Paprika and Deacon

DOB:  09/19/2017

Brown/White, born double wattled but, now unwattled

COI 7.7 over 9 generations

This is one fabulously outstanding boar and very tempting for me to retain for my own herd.  He was born double wattled but, his sister (Puddles) sucked them off when he was just a few days old.  He has everything you want in a nice solid boar.  Strong stout body, nice head, snout, those outstanding BH Tutaki legs and feet and solid top line.  This guy would add so much to a herd.



BH Rebecca Gina / Mahia Love gilt

Out of Gabriella and Zorro

DOB:  09/13/2017

White/Brown, Double wattled

COI 3.6 over 9 generations

This little gilt was selected at just as she was born.  Her depositor was unable to get her.  She is a lovely little breeding gilt with deep rich coloring that should pass well to her babies.  BH Rebecca Gina is one of my favorite lines.  Nice solid mothering skills.  Don't miss out.


Mahia Love / BH Rebecca Gina boar

Out of Gabriella and Zorro

DOB:  09/13/2017

White/Brown, Double wattled

COI 3.6 over 9 generations

This little dude is so cute with a very laid back temperament.  He stays out of sibling battles and prefers to hang out and graze.  Mild manners, nice head and snout, good topline and great tail set.


Ru / Aria Giana


Double wattled

Out of Matthew x Roxxi

3.6 coi over 9 generations

This is one fabulous dude.  Strong legs and feet, great top line, high tail set and extreme short snout.  His is very sweet and extremely docile.  



Wilsons Gina / BH Tutaki

Sassy daughter

COI 2.4

DOB:  12/08/2014

Born double wattled but, lost one and one is stringy.

Solid Ginger

Proven sow

We have retained two piglets from this lovely lady.  She has done a fantastic job for us and now she is ready to make a mark in your herd.  Known for large litter sizes with 9-10 piglets.  Willing to sell her exposed to a boar or open for breeding.  Don't let this one pass you by.


We reserve the right to retain any gilt or boars for our own program first and foremost. 

 This could happen before or after a deposit is received.  In that instance all funds would be returned to purchaser, rolled to a different piglet or different litter at the buyers choice.

However, if you deposit on a piglet/pig and are unable to get that piglet, you loose your deposit.  All funds/deposits are non refundable.