Thery are here and they are amazing little ones.
Kereopa / Tonganui
Out of Cassie and Orion
Date of Birth:  05/08/2018
COI 3.0 over 9 generations
10 piglets born all double wattled (2 lost two boars at birth)

1 cream gilt, double wattled...Chaka

1 ginger gilt, double wattled ...Camila

1 ginger gilt, double wattled ...Carlotta


1 ginger/black, double wattled boar...Camdyn..reserved

1 ginger, double wattled boar...Camryn...reserved

1 cream gilt, double wattled...Crystal...reserved

1 ginger gilt, double wattled...reserved

1 black/white gilt, double wattled...deceased

***4 are reserved, 2 females and both males***


Elsa x Hamilton Litter
Trish x Boris
DOB:  6/11/2018
8 piglets and all double wattled
5 males and 3 females

1 Black/Ginger, 2 wattles, boar...Ellison

1 White/Brown, 2 wattles, boar...Eberhard

1 Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, boar...Edison

1 Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, boar...Egan

1 Black/White, 2 wattles, boar...Edmond


1 Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, gilt...Echo...reserved

1 Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, gilt...Eden...reserved

1 Black/White, 2 wattles, gilt...Ebonee...reserved

Willow x Deacon Litter
Wilsons Gina x BH Tutaki 
DOB:  6/12/2018
5 piglets and all double wattled

1 Black/White, 2 wattled gilt...Winnie

1 Ginger/Black, 2 wattled gilt...Winona

1 Ginger/Black, 2 wattled gilt...Wilma

1 ginger/black, 2 wattled gilt...Wynn

2 gilts reserved not sure which ones yet.


1 White/Black, 2 wattled gilt...Whitney...reserved

We reserve the right to retain any gilt or boars for our own program first and foremost. 

 This could happen before or after a deposit is received.  In that instance all funds would be returned to purchaser, rolled to a different piglet or different litter at the buyers choice.

However, if you deposit on a piglet/pig and are unable to get that piglet, you loose your deposit.  

All funds/deposits are non refundable.