So what is coming up next?  We couldn't be more exciting for these litters to arrive.  
Deposits have already been done on a few of these but there is still room if you are interested. 
Don't miss out, contact us to be on our depositors waiting list.

Exciting Match Up! 
Orion x Cassie
Expecting end of April, first of May 2018
Tonganui x Kereopa
**3 deposits already received on this litter**

Possible May Litter (unconfirmed)

Matthew x Berklee
Expected around 5/22/2018
Ru x Rebecca Gina
Will be creams for sure!
2 deposits on this litter already

June Litters

Elsa and Hamilton
Super excited
Expected 6/7/2018
Trish x Boris
2 deposits already on this litter

Deacon x Willow
Expecting 6/11/2018
BH Tutaki x Wilsons Gina
These should be amazing.
**2 deposits already on this litter**

Sundance x Larissa
OMG!  I am super excited
Mahia Love x Rebecca Gina
Expecting 6/17/2018
2 deposits on this litter already