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Experience the difference with a Virginia KuneKune Pig!
We do things a bit different from other breeders, we continue to support you for as long as you own a Virginia KuneKune Pig.  It is our job to help you be successful.

Premiere KuneKune Breeder with a long standing reputation in the breed.
Providing continue support, mentorship and continued education every step of the way!

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We have carefully selected our herd and have one of the most diversified herds in the USA.  Most of our breeding stock has been bred and retained by us and we have owned or still own generations of their ancestors.  This gives us a huge advantage over other breeders as we know their history, production, mothering abilities and how they mature and grow to name a few.

 We provide unparalleled mentoring and support when you own a KuneKune from Virginia KuneKunes. We are extremely active in the breed being one of the four original Founders of the American KuneKune Pig Society, Vice President and President for 4 years and the only registrar for 6 years.  

We blog and write articles for various magazines about the breed. We are long standing breeders that breed for quality, diversity and great conformation in our breeding program. Diversified with over 22 bloodlines in our herd making our herd one of the most diverse in the country.

 You too can experience the difference in a Virginia KuneKune bred pig.

We have started many "well known" breeders in supplying them with quality pigs to begin their own programs.  We can help you too.

We are dedicated to our animals and their welfare. We pride ourselves on our integrity and willingness not to make a sale but, to truly assist people in finding top quality breeding stock, homesteading pigs and pets to fit their individual and family needs. We are here to assist you every step of the way from selecting your stock, to feeding and care and so much more. Our support does not end when you leave our property but, we are happy to help and give guidance and suggestions whenever you need us.

Here at Virginia KuneKunes we are dedicated to providing information on KuneKunes ; for education and information .  We have articles I have written that are published in the American Livestock Magazine on KuneKunes, I blog for Grit Magazine, and more so that you can learn more about KuneKunes.  .  Click here for more information/Articles for education and information about this incredible breed.  When you purchase from Virginia KuneKunes you get support and continued education like no other.  So, if you are in the market for nice, quality breeding stock or healthy pets, look no further.

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