Our Boars here at Virginia KuneKunes

Matthew - Ru / Jenny 

Ru / Jenny

Double wattled

Registered AKBA & AKKPS


I am so honored to own this boar.  Everyday that I look at him I remember there are wonderful people in this world.  This boar produces some outstanding offspring and throws super short snouts.  This boar is thick, gentle, with super nice conformation.  He is truly a superior breeding boar.

Hamilton - Boris/Jenny.

Registered AKKPS


COI 5.18


Double wattled


This boar is filling out so nicely.  He has a wonderful, sweet loving personality too.  Nice topline, nice rounded head and nice tailset on this boar.  His babies are just producing excellent offspring.  I could not be happier.

Deacon - BH Tutaki / Aria Giana


BH Tutaki / Aria Giana

Double Wattled

COI:  Zero


When I saw this boar go up for sale, I fell in love with his head and snout.  Black/white is not usually my favorite color but, his nice strong legs and feet and this head will be a great addition to my herd.  I look forward to seeing what this boy will produce here at Virginia KuneKunes. His first litter will be with Umbria and is coming soon.  

JaKobe - Tuahuru / Rebecca Gina boar  currently bred to Olivia for March 2018 litter


Tuahuru / Rebecca Gina boar

COI 1.73

Solid Ginger

Caroline purchased JaKobe and his brother.  I fell in love with this little guy and brought him home.  lol  It is good to have great friends.  I look forward to watching this boar grow and mature.  JaKobe will have his work cut out for him since we have a fabulous lineup of boars already.  He has a great topline and super high tail set.  

Orion - Tonganui / BH Rebecca Gina..currently in with Cassie for his first breeding


Tonganui / BH Rebecca Gina


Double Wattled

COI  4.4 over 9 generations

This little guy is out of Macho and Gabriella.  I look forward to watching him grow and hope he turns out just like his daddy - Macho.  This boy has great conformation and wonderful feet and legs.  

Bred by Virginia KuneKunes

Our Next Generation of Herd Sires..........our next generation of boars!

Sundance - Mahia Love / BH Rebecca Gina...up and coming herd sire.


Mahia Love / BH Rebecca Gina


Double wattled

COI 5.1 over 9 generations

The moment this little boy was born, I was head over heels.  He is a stunning little man.  How could he not with Zorro as his father and Camille as the mom.  

We are just delighted to add him to the herd so that when he Daddy retires, he will be ready to carry on for him.

Bred by Virginia KuneKunes

Nicholas - Andrew / Trish


Andrew / Trish

Double Wattled


COI 8.8 over 9 generations

This little guy is out of Elsa x Bentley.  He is just outstanding!  He is an Umbria grandson.  I can't wait to watch him grow and mature

Bred by Virginia KuneKunes


Gallegher (Litter name was Mitchell)

Ru / Tapeka

Double Wattled

COI 9.7 over 9 generations


Gallegher sure has big hooves to fill following behind his father (Matthew).  I just love this little guy.  So sweet just like his father.  I cannot wait to continue to watch him grow and develop and make his daddy proud.

Out of Matthew x Miriah

Bred by Virginia KuneKunes

Past contributors to our breeding program.  

Wellington - one of the most prominent herdsires in the USA.  Formerly from Goose Meadow

Wellington has passed away and it is so heartbreaking.  We enjoyed his super docile temperament.


Mahia Love / Jenny

Double wattled


Registered:  AKKPS 


Wellington has been an amazing producer at Goose Meadow where he was utilized as a prominent herd sire.  We are fortunate to have 3 of his daughters in our herd.  He has made unbelievable contributions to the KuneKune Community and I am so proud to have 2 of his daughters he sired before his passing.

Zorro - Mahia Love / Wilsons Gina 


Mahia Love/ Rona


Registered - AKKPS



Mahia Love / Wilsons Gina

COI Zero

Registered:  AKKPS


This boar is very masculine with an outstanding head, nice topline and high tailset.  I love his short upturned snout.  He is producing beautifully for us.    He throws super short snouts and thick males.

Lexington - Ru / Aria Giana 

Ru / Aria Giana

Double wattled


Registered:  AKKPS

Ginger/ Black

We have both males and females we have retained from this sire.

Mucho Grande (Macho) 


Tonganui  / Jenny



Past contributor to our breeding program.  I have retained a son of his for our program.

Bentley - Andrew/ Aria Giana 


Andrew / Aria Giana

COI 2.14


Past Contributor to our program.  We have retained a boar to carry on for Bentley as he makes his mark in another breeding program.