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Breeding Pairs

KuneKune Breeding Stock

Virginia KuneKunes offers KuneKune Breeding Stock and homesteading pigs that is selected with 
quality, conformation and COI's in mind.

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 We do have one adult breeding pair or trio.
There is nothing like proven mothers to get you off on a great start.  Both moms are easy to handle, allow you to be there duing farrowing (birthing) and let you handle their piglets.  Well suited for homesteaders for pork production.

Tonganui boar (owned by Red Roof KuneKunes and a selection of proven excellent mothers.

Rona / BH Tutaki
Excellent Farrowing and mothering skills
Sweet and easy to handle

Awakino / Ru
Excellent Farrowing and mothering skills
Friendly, follows you around

Please contact us to see who may be available.