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KuneKune Piglets for Sale

They are here and they are precious!
There are several deposits for these upcoming litters but, still time to get on the waiting list.  Contact us soon

Please see our available page for piglets or adults available now.  

Discounts for more than one piglet purchase.

In most cases our piglets are sold prior to birth or shortly after. 

Some are sold as breeding stock, some for pets, some for pork, some are barrowed and stay here to serve as companion animals to our boars.  Just because they list as available does not mean they are all breeding quality.

Victoria and Decon babies are here

They are here and they are precious.

DOB:  01/03/2020

9 piglets

all double wattled

COI 1.1 over 9 generations

Listing only ones available

ginger/black boar, 2 wattles...available

All Others Sold/Reserved

Destiny x Jakobe Litter
Born 3/1/2020
5 piglets 


1 ginger boar, 2 wattles...available

1 ginger, boar, 2 wattles...available


1 ginger/black gilt, 0 wattles...Reserved

1 ginger gilt, 0 wattles...reserved

1 ginger/black boar, 2 wattles...reserved 

Olivia x Matthew Litter Date of Birth 4/11/2020

5 lovely little darlings Ru /Jenny, all double wattled


1 Black/white, boar double wattled...available


1 Brown/White boar, double wattled...Reserved

1 Black/Ginger boar, double wattled...reserved 

1 black/white gilt, double wattled...reserved

1 black/white gilt, double wattled...reserved

Willow x Nicholas
Wilsons Gina x Andrew
Date of Birth 4/20/2020

Beautiful litter of 5 piglets, 3 girls and 2 boys...all double wattled


1 ginger/black, double wattled boar...available


1 ginger/black, double wattled gilt...Reserved

1 white/brown gilt, double wattled..reserved

1 ginger/black (big spots, double wattled boar...reserved

1 ginger/black gilt, double wattled...reserved 

We reserve the right to retain any gilt or boars for our own program first and foremost. 

 This could happen before or after a deposit is received.  In that instance all funds would be returned to purchaser, rolled to a different piglet or different litter at the buyers choice.

However, if you deposit on a piglet/pig and are unable to get that piglet, you loose your deposit.  

All funds/deposits are non refundable.